Tuesday, 30 June 2015

xerox DC 240/242/250/252/260 error code 042-326

error description- IBT Belt Home Position too long

1.Check that the Transfer Belt is in the center (where the IBT Belt Edge and the IBT Belt Frame are approx. the same distance from the front and rear). Center if required 
  2.There is a small silver color sensor on the back side of the transfer belt on top side you will see it while moving the belt with hand slowly there is a black spot on top its the sensor, which needs to be cleaned with a wet tissue paper and then reset reset NVM location 741-105 to 0.

Note- How to change NVM (non volatile memory) in xerox 240/242/250/252/260

Hold down 0 (zero) for 5 seconds and press start (green) button
enter 6789, confirm
press log in/log out button or the key button
press systems settings, common settings, maintenance, NVM read/ write
enter nvm 741-105 and change it to 0 (zero)

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